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Thread: Avi To Mpg Sound Probs

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    Probably been asked before but, when I convert files ( tried four now) using mainconcept mpeg encoder version 1.4.1 the sound is great for about 20/25 mins, then I lose all synch. When I use tmpgenc I dont seem to get any sound at all after 2 or 3 files converted. Checked out the avi's and the sound is good all the way through!!! I want these films to put on to dvd but....... no good without sound. I have read a few posts on changing the sound files for tmpgenc but this seems a bit complicated. The films I am having trouble with are kill bill, predator 2, matrix revs and jeepers creepers 2. Any body got any ideas please?

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    Open the avi with g-spot and make sure you match the frame rate when converting to mpg, that solved my out of sync issues.

    Good Luck

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    g-spot???? never heard of this one! does it convert files? available on kazaa?

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    bad frames and your vfapi settings
    have a look here

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    Are you encoding the ,a/v together?

    Try spliting it ,encode them both,join back when its all finished.Or change the codec to another sometimes helps sync problems.

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    Originally posted by adesfaulk@10 March 2004 - 03:28
    g-spot???? never heard of this one! does it convert files? available on kazaa?
    Well I know Gspot came with the version of k-lite codec pack that I downloaded, not sure if it comes bundled with the later versions of the codec pack, if you have downloaded and insalled the k-lite codec pack, have a search on your hard drive for "gspot.exe".

    No Gspot does not convert files but, it does give you information on the Codec(s), FPS, Bitrate and a few other things, Link to Gspot. Open the avi with Gspot, Make sure you match the FPS from the info that Gspot gives you when encoding to mpg with Tmpgenc.

    Also listen to muchspl2 and follow his guides, he has a couple of links in his sig to the guides he wrote. He's teh Master!

    Good Luck

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    Thank you very much guys, I shall try this out asap.


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