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Thread: Filesharing Research Paper

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    Hey I havent posted alot but I've decided to do my 8-10 page research paper for English 104 on the future of the music industry and filesharing. Ive been looking around and found some good websites but need more information. If anyone has good links or just wants to post some decent info, it would be a great help


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    Napster serves as crystal ball
    Fingerprinting P2P pirates
    Teamwork brings P2P spying app closer
    P2P group seeks cross-industry detente
    File-swap 'killer' grabs attention
    (Tools to destroy file-sharing networks already in use&#33
    MPAA believes all Netizens are criminals
    Next-gen DVD standard agreed
    MPAA's Valenti pushes for copy-control PCs,72519,00.html
    License to Hack
    (Valenti gets what he wants&#33
    Copyright bill may severely limit rights
    Lawmakers: Keep your tunes to yourself
    Fair Use advocates silenced by Big Brother
    Tech giants back Fair Use bills
    Supreme Court backs copyright extension
    (public domain is given away to the highest bidder)
    Copyright truce excludes key voices
    (The People are excluded from copyright agreement hearings in Wash. D.C.)
    Firewalls set to become illegal in many American states
    (...actually they mean routers which hide multiple computers behind single ip address.)
    Congressman's Trip Questioned - Recording Industry Paid for Sensenbrenner's Travel to Asia
    (Quid Pro Quo -- RIAA bribing Congressman for favors?)
    New bill injects FBI into P2P battle
    Statement of The Honorable Orrin Hatch, United States Senator, Utah
    (piracy will destroy America! JAIL the pirates NOW!!&#33
    House bill would cast FBI as copyright Pinkertons
    (FBI = copyright investiagtors on p2p networks?)
    Bill would jail Internet song swappers
    (Orrin Hatch to get what he wants?)
    International treaty will force 34 democracies to change copyright, IP laws
    DVD backups forbidden, P2P file sharers to become felons
    ([USA says to them:] ...or we FORCE you to via tarrifs, sanctions, or outright attack.)
    Copy Protection Robs The Future
    What's Wrong With Content Protection.txt
    (explores the details behind how copy protection schemes have ALREADY destroyed MANY legal things and activities)
    The end of CD copying?
    New CD protection won't play on PCs
    RIAA's response to the 'copy protection' or 'copy restriction' issue.
    A letter to Congress [urging the withdrawl of manditory copy protections]
    US Dept of Commerce talks DRM with consumer groups
    Where art thou Stuckists? Intel reveals share denial PC scheme
    Memo to: Media Monopolists
    Secure Audio Path: A Bad Way To Go
    1 music artist's perspective of CD copy protections and Napster
    Hollywood Says "Enough!" to `Cleaned' Versions of its Films
    RIAA decides to play fair
    Congress attempts to force Media giants to play fair
    The Music Industry, Dinosaur soon to be extinct?
    Iím With the Band -- Reader Reflections on Peer-to-Peer and Big Media
    RIAA on the Warpath Again Against Music Pirates,1367,56963,00.html
    Critics Weigh In on Copyright Act
    Piracy: Music, Software v. Hollywood
    RIAA's Statistics Don't Add Up to Piracy
    RIAA: ISPs should pay for music swapping
    Judge: Unmask Net song swapper
    RIAA wins battle to ID Kazaa user
    The Year The Music Dies
    Verizon stands up to RIAA ruling
    (Doesn't want to name user)
    DVD Rot Appears To be An Issue
    Their Man in Washington
    Big media have an ally in new FCC chair Michael Powell
    The FTAA Is None of Your Business
    Media look away as democracy is traded away
    Pirates & Paranoids
    Recording Restricted
    RIAA chief invokes Martin Luther King in pigopoly defense
    Canadian Copyright Levy. Ķ
    Apple: Play music at your own risk
    (Use of 'copyprotected CDs' in Apples voids warrenty&#33,1382,58084,00.html
    Mobiles: The Talk's About Data
    CSC gets tough on file-sharing employees
    RIAA attacks the future of America
    How the RIAA targets schools and ISPs
    CD anti-piracy system can nuke hi-fi kit (turns out it probably won't though...)
    'Hi-fi nuking' CD technology safe claims developer
    Music biz patents anti-rip encryption technology
    Philips says copy-protected CDs have no future
    Philips moves to put 'poison' label on protected audio CDs
    Old code defeats new CD anti-ripping technologies
    HP, others face multi-million CD suit
    (CD burners deemed 'nearly illegal' in Germany&#33
    Brit music indies want copy-protected CDs
    Marker pens, sticky tape crack music CD protection
    Music labels are bleeding - Midbar
    Anti-Piracy stance of the MPAA
    What's Wrong With Content Protection.txt
    'No more music CDs without copy protection,' claims BMG unit
    All CDs will be protected and you are a filthy pirate
    (Music company reply back to a user's problems that the CD is 'broken' because it won't play in his PC),49358,00.html
    Copy Protection: Just Say No
    Games' copy protection cracked in days, says newsletter
    Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Copyright?
    (Can the sum of our ideas be reduced to "intellectual property"? Or should all information, all knowledge, be set free?),1367,58081,00.html,00.html
    Marking File Traders as Felons
    (US Congressman recommends jail for file traders)
    Tech hides data, ID inside songs
    (super copy protection and copy TRACKING)
    Copyproof CDs moving to market?
    Writing history with Microsoft's Office lock-in
    (Microsoft's copyprotection scheme = THEY own documents you write&#33
    BMG tinkers with CD copy controls
    Labels loosening up on CD copy locks
    (US music-selling stores soon to be predominately selling 'copyprotected CDs&#39
    Anti-swap CD hits the racks
    CD copy protection trumped by Shift key
    SunnComm to sue 'Shift key' student for $10m
    SunnComm shrinks from DMCA threat
    (...then changes its mind on suing student, due to public reprocussions.)
    Missing the point on antipiracy technology
    (SunnComm again...)
    'Subversive' code could kill off software piracy
    Philips Will Launch Open Digital Media System Soon
    (...'open' system against illegal copying, that is.)
    Group seeks to standardize music, video
    (...using DRM of course.)
    Free legal downloads for $6 a month. DRM free. The artists get paid. We explain how...
    (theory to a workable business model?)
    Italian Court Rejects First EU Copyright Directive Seizure
    Rules Modification of Sony Playstations is Legal
    (Not really file-sharing, but interesting)
    Cut software piracy and jumpstart 'stagnant' economies
    EasyInternet abandons CD burning court appeal
    (Major loss of consumer choice)
    Copy-protection: are these CDs or not?
    RIAA's Rosen 'writing Iraq copyright laws'
    Linkin Park
    Digital Decoys Are Making Frustrated Pirates Say 'Arrr'
    RIAA Naval academy bust: 85 rapped
    DoJ supports RIAA in Verizon P2P privacy scuffle
    Fed favors record labels over Verizon
    RIAA piracy arguments, figures just don't add up
    Music group sends piracy complaints to 300 firms
    'We know who you are' - RIAA spams IM users
    Napster Suit Unnerves Venture Capitalists Apr. 29, 2003
    (Thus serving to stall or kill LEGAL online music services)
    Software Bullet Is Sought to Kill Musical Piracy
    RIAA attacking our culture, the American Mind
    De-Reg Demons
    Clear Channel builds conservative airwave monopoly.
    Madonna's borderline MP3 tactics
    DVD copier looks set to lose in court
    Matrix sequel pirated online
    'Napster effect' hits US shows
    (People committing potentially felony crimes by sharing TV shows online.)
    Piracy 'threat' to Hollywood
    DRM-less MP3s from $3.99,,t283-s2135249,00.html
    New P2P tools mean quicker downloads
    RIAA Drops a Bollock - Part II
    (RIAA sues wrong guy based on shared filename alone.)
    Australian students nailed in world's first
    Net piracy criminal charges
    DVD-copying case heads to court
    The hardware/software problems of setting up and running streamed online music
    (And how the writer's wife artist is being screwed by the UK music industry at
    Omission of copyright notice: the Desiderata case (revised)
    'Pirates' told to pack it in - RIAA
    Sen Hatch Would Like To Destroy Filetraders' PCs,59305,00.html
    Orrin Hatch: Software Pirate?
    (Pot calls Kettle Black?)
    Senate decries FCC big-media coup
    (The modern Watergate -- 'filegate', almost a file-sharing/piracy case)

    unknown Slashdot post:
    Hes in congress, of course hes not honest (Score:5, Interesting)
    by thogard (43403) on Thursday June 19, @10:39PM (#6250117)
    Does everyone remember all the congresscritters out on the steps singing God Bless America? That had an audience of over a billion but did they pay the royalties to the Boy & Girl Scouts? I bet they didn't even check out the copyright before they decided it was a good idea. But it means they all broke copyright law.

    If anyone gets to talk to a Senator, this is a very good thing to bring up. According to standard copyright rates, they all owe more in royalties than most of them will ever see and some of these guys play with the national debt.
    Free vs. Fee: P2P Underground Still Thrives
    Pattern develops in DMCA charges
    (How anti-file-sharing laws are applied against someone using sewing patterns gathered from a dumpster)
    'Rewiring' file-sharing networks may stop attacks
    (Handling of Hostile attacks of all kinds versis p2p networks)
    Congress aims caucus at pirates
    Court confirms DMCA 'good faith' web site shut down rights
    (Ability to censor the internet now forced via word-of-mouth "he's pirating" claim alone)
    Teens More Concerned About D/L Speed, Not Legal Issues
    (MOST people are still ignorant how laws are against their activities)
    Music Labels Step Up Internet Piracy Hunt
    The RIAA boycott is on
    The RIAA Plays Whack-a-Mole
    (RIAA starts suing file-sharers)
    Record industry to sue song swappers
    Thursday, June 26, 2003 Posted: 11:11 AM EDT (1511 GMT)
    We will go after the worst offenders first. -- Carey Sherman, RIAA's president
    RIAA reads riot act over music copying
    Will launch a flood of law suits
    New file-sharing sites hide users' IDs,1294,59448,00.html
    Giving Sharers Ears Without Faces
    Why I've stopped sharing music
    Suit filed against one student prompts another to change
    Boycott RIAA!
    How Not To Get Sued By The RIAA For File-Sharing
    (And Other Ideas to Avoid Being Treated Like a Criminal)
    Record industry targets DePaul and Loyola universities over piracy
    RIAA 'shock and awe' moves to ISPs
    Record Labels Send ISPs Subpoenas in Piracy Battle,...1309247,00.html
    Piracy: ISPs must pay up,00.html
    Piracy linked to terrorism
    (Mark Twain's Lies, Dammed Lies, Statistics, and outright bullshit...)
    Composer pays for piece of silence
    (Silence *IS* copyrighted&#33
    'You can't copyright silence - there's too much of it about'
    Copyright on silence upheld
    CD players glued shut to stop piracy
    Music industry wins approval of 871 subpoenas
    Labels aim big guns at small file swappers
    'Free' Costello CD seeds DRM, MS Media Player 9
    Unfaith's Official Statement on the Metallica E-F Chord Controversy
    (TOTAL SATIRE, yet reported as truth -- as copyright fights intensify worldwide&#33
    Four Students Sued Over Music Sites
    (RIAA demands MAXIMUM PENALTIES for 4 students that set up generic Google-like search engine at universities)
    Net Radio Group Threatens to Sue RIAA
    Elderly Are Targets in Music Industry Internet Subpoenas
    Hollywood hunts for pirates
    (made-up statistics)
    Copying is Theft - and other legal myths
    (LONG article summing up the legal issues)
    'Golden Age of Free Music' vs 'Copying is Stealing'
    (2 sides of the coin...)
    RIAA, MPAA appeal against 'Grokster is legal' ruling
    Virgin to offer "cheap" music downloads
    Entriq, Inc. to Provide Its Exclusive Media Authorization Network to M-Net to Enable and Protect 'Idols' Downloads
    (you wonder how this applies?)
    (this is how -- tracking music downloads, even if only on
    Court OKs death for analog TVs
    Appeals court upholds rule requiring digital tuners by July 2007
    (digital tuners which ALL have lock-in DRM, so you cannot record certain/some/all TV shows)
    Tech Group Aims at Profit-Friendly File-Sharing
    I.T. Powerhouses Propose New File-Sharing Plan
    Hand-Held Device for DVD Movies Raises Legal Issues
    Double Jeopardy for kids caught in Pepsi Apple promo
    Sources: Tower Records to Seek Chapter 11
    (Media companies ARE in fact hurting from something&#33
    Tower Records Files for Bankruptcy,1412,...e?%2002-05-2004
    Court hears MGM vs Grokster appeal in file-sharing case
    StreamCast Confident of Morpheus Victory - Update
    Oral Arguments of the case! (MP3 FILE!!&#33,39...39116016,00.htm,00.html
    Record industry enforcer raids Kazaa offices
    UPDATE: MIPI raids Sharman Networks, Brilliant Digital Entertainment
    (Anton Pillar order - Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.)
    Kazaa demands Oz trial delay
    Grokster, Morpheus face MPAA in appeals court
    EU: Copyright Loophole Exposes 'Golden Oldies' Of Pop Music
    (RIAA calls EU's 50 year copyrights 'piracy':
    "the import into the United States of such recordings in the form of EU-produced public-domain CDs would constitute an act of piracy. As a result, the RIAA is attempting to convince U.S. authorities to erect a customs barrier to prevent such European products from entering the United States.")
    The contract of copyright: towards an ethical cynicism?
    Cyberspace, Copyright and Cynicism: Questions and Answers
    Controlling copyright through technology: when elephants dance
    Gridlocking Knowledge
    (Copyright benefits publishers, service providers and biotech companies, but in this scientistís view, it is a wicked obstacle to scientific progress. -- talks about how scientists end up not even owning rights to their own scientific papers&#33
    The Undead
    (old ideas being lost due to copyrights)
    COPYRIGHT ISSUES - Digital Divide
    (who owns copyrights, and who is enslaved by them)
    Public domain copyright. Just think Mylar
    (public domain is DEAD -- SUPREME COURT decision ruled 7-2 in favor of perpetual copyright)
    Librarians targeted in latest copyright battles
    ([Librarians have] "their radical factions, like the Ruby Ridge or Waco types," who want to share all content for free, said Judith Platt, a spokeswoman for the Association of American Publishers. So by their view, Librarians=terrorists.)
    (MPAA says: "Buying DVD copying software is like buying a lock pick, crowbar, gun, striped jumper, balaclava, gloves, a bag with 'swag' written on it and a book called "Beginner's Guide to Burglary" all in one neat little package. It doesn't guarantee that you're intending to be a thief but there aren't many other reasons for buying it.")
    Open Source 'representative' calls for software patents
    (Was he turned to the dark side?)
    AOL UK denies being 'copyright snatcher'
    (yet it says: "By submitting content to public areas of AOL (such as message boards and chat rooms) you represent that you have permission to do so. And in doing so, you grant AOL Group Companies a licence to use, reproduce, modify, distribute, show in public and create derivative works from that content in any form, anywhere, and waive all moral rights (namely, the right to be identified as the author, and the right to integrity, of the content) and undertake that all such moral rights have been waived in respect of the content. You also grant other users the right to use such content for personal, non-commercial purposes.")
    Winners and Losers In the Information Age
    (worthless for file-sharing paper)

    NO URL!
    Jesse Jordan vs RIAAs The Dentist
    (Finding out the details about this one alone would be worthy of a file-sharing research paper&#33

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    jesus christ Switeck

    nice list

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    My God.

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    If you done your paper can you post it here. It will be interesting to read.

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    Jeez you gotta give Switeck props in your footnotes.

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    I believe Switeck's broken the forum record for the most links in one post

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    It's a shame though that I couldn't find the comments/memos straight from RIAA representatives about how they were very happy they successfully killed independant internet radio... or any significant links about Jesse Jordan vs RIAAs The Dentist. It's almost like certain parties have pulled those documents off the internet!

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    Originally posted by Illuminati@11 March 2004 - 05:20
    I believe Switeck's broken the forum record for the most links in one post
    SharedHolder's got competition...

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    Here's a few more links:,,t269-s2121102,00.html
    US Justice Department ready to prosecute file-swappers
    Music industry blames Net for all evil
    File swapping doesn't equal piracy
    Is 'business' killing music?
    (comments by Eagles' lead singer Don Henley)
    Judge: File-swapping tools are legal
    Piracy is Your Friend
    (This is a more serious article than the title sounds&#33,1412,62335,00.html
    RIAA's New Seal of Disapproval
    Employees Still Swapping Files at Work-Survey
    Technology - PC World
    Kazaa Office Raid Upheld
    In Praise of Freeloaders
    (RIAA's analysis of how Kazaa works -- AND THEIR PLANS OF ATTACK AGAINST IT&#33
    RIAA targets post-Napster MP3 sharers
    File-trading pressure mounts on ISPs
    Record industry sues Napster clones
    KaZaA ordered to cease infringing copyright
    KaZaA the Virus Desktop
    (Kazaa shares lots of viruses)
    Napster trial judge lambasts music biz
    (possible anti-trust behaviour by RIAA?)
    Online music wars inspire new weaponry
    ("We referred to it as the 'license to virus,'" said one congressional staffer.)
    Recording industry exploits WTC tragedy to hack you
    KaZaA ordered to cease infringing copyright
    Judge drops Napster bombshell
    (Napster finally allowed by court to prove RIAA=illegal monopoly, but runs out of money to do so.) 'evaluates' Dutch court ban
    (Being 'banned' doesn't stop it&#33
    MPAA's Valenti gloats over movie profits
    (...but tells Congress they're losing money)
    Will Gnutella get Morpheus back on track?
    (backstabbing even among file-sharing companies?: Kazaa kicks off Morpheus from fasttrack network)
    New Morpheus struggles under load
    (but it sucks compaired to the fasttrack Morpheus)
    Morpheus' downfall: Bills weren't paid,,38673,FF.html
    The week in review: Morpheus rising
    Morpheus Shutdown Shows Plug Can Be Pulled On Peer-To-Peer
    (RIAA/MPAA/BSA supposedly gains yet another legal tool to kill basically ANY general-purpose file-sharing network.)
    Morpheus' Bid for Legitimacy
    Old Morpheus still works for unhacked users
    (Hacking was involved?&#33
    Anti-Piracy and Morpheus
    (Morpheus adds DRM to files it specially shares)
    Disney chief Eisner recruits Abe Lincoln in piracy fight
    ('Honest Abe' wondering if the fight versis slavery is over?),50858,00.html,00.html
    Gnutella: File-Sharing Haven
    (Morpheus now plaguing that network.)
    Kazaa shares some of its secrets
    (...But not the really juicy ones.)
    Music and Motion Picture Groups Move For Ruling In Case Against MusicCity and Others
    Record Labels Seek OK for Online Music Sabotage
    (Whether they got the legal ok or not, they're doing it&#33
    Anti-pirates hit Danish P2P users with huge bills
    (users find higher-than-normal monthly bills for internet service)
    Kazaa case opens with summary arguments
    We Can Run, but We Can't Hide
    How BayTSP is Enforcing the Digital Millennium
    (BayTSP is who hunts down Kazaa users&#33
    Kazaa strikes back at Hollywood, labels
    Morpheus Update to Offer Easier File Swapping
    (Even harder on the Gnutella network... and still sucks),aid,107276,00.asp
    Peer-to-Peer Lawsuit Faces Legal Hurdle,3973...2099TX1K0100486
    Kazaa Ups Copyrighted Files In New Version
    File-sharing users are more vulnerable than one may think, L.A. Times says
    (sorry, couldn't find link to original article)
    File-sharing sites allow trading of porn
    (Oh no, BAN FILE-Sharing! Think of the CHILDREN&#33,1283,54460,00.html
    Will Ashcroft Target P2P Sites?
    EMI poised to sue Bertelsmann over Napster
    Sharman Must Reveal Investors
    (Kazaa/Fasttrack owners must be revealed or threatened with court fines)
    File-sharing networks infight in sight?
    P2P's little secret
    (RIAA says you CAN be found if you share.)
    Another Bad Week for BitTorrent
    (Some big BT sites fail),,t269-s2138033,00.html
    New P2P system crippled by success
    (More about BT)
    KaZaA sues RIAA for copyright infringement
    (claiming RIAA uses Kazaa Lite or some other 'illegal' clone)
    Pepsi, Apple team to lure kids to DRM
    (Come join iTunes -- or be labeled a criminal in our eyes&#33
    Internet "popularized the trade in child pornography"
    (p2p file-sharing to blame, destroy it&#33
    Does new Europe law mean slammer for DRM crackers?
    (Rip a song off a 'copyprotected' CD, go to jail?)
    Exemptions exempted in Europe's DMCA
    (but VERY few given)
    The XXX Clause is Obscene
    (The XXX provision will virtually eliminate all vestiges of fair dealing)
    The Nuclear Weapon of Digital Rights Law
    ("If you make a copy of a CD and give it to your mother, there are provisions within this directive for recording industry officials to raid your house, and there are similar provisions for doing things like freezing your bank account before there is any kind of hearing.")
    EU backs tighter rules on piracy
    (The Nuclear Weapon passed)


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