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Thread: Weird Bt Problem

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    hi, i have a abc 2.6.3 version problem, let me explain, when i start to d/l using abc my d/l starts normal but after 15-20 mins my d/l starts to reduce in speed and then suddenly stops and then i cant get on anything connecting to the the internet. before i had abc 2.6.3 i had a version of abc but i cant remember which version it was then i uninstalled that and got abc 2.6.5 and thats where all the problems started, so i uninstalled that and i have got abc 2.6.3 now but still the problem

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    try using anothe version of it. i suggerst 2.6.1

    that one is one of the best ones i tried

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    ok, there was a problem with my modem, ntl have come out and replaced it but im still not satisfied with my speeds. i am d/l a movie 'somethings gotta give' at the moment, i am connected to 10 seeds and 69 peers and am only getting speeds of 20-25 kb/s, whereas i think on my 1mb b/b connection i should be getting much much more, is that right?

    EDIT: i have installed abc 2.6.1

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    OK, so now am having the same problem. How do I know if the modem's the culprit? It's working flawlessly with other progs such as overnet or irc. Neither old version of ABC nor Shadow could help me. Tried abc 2.6.1 and Shadow's 5.8.7 - nada

    I also tried to limit my dl to as low as 20K using netlimiter - didn't help either. I used to use shadow's 5.8.7 before with no problems - but even going back to that can't help anymore. Can anybody help me pls?

    Update: Just reformatted my HDD, reinstalled windows and installed shadow's 5.8.7 at first instance. Still not working - now my connection drops after about 7mins at max speed (i presume) and it takes almost 100% of system resource when it drops. starting to think if my modem is the real culprit (Speed Touch USB).


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