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Thread: Avi Corrupted

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    I got this AVI file thats over 500,000 mb on my comp, and I made a .rar file out of it. When I unzipped it, the file was corrupted, and it wouldnt play at all. I was like "Screw this shit...I dont want such a large video file occupying any space on my hard drive at all...."
    I right clicked it; theres no option to delete it. The only options are to play it in BS Player or the "Send to" option. I tried to drag it to the recycle bin, but theres no luck; an error message comes up saying the file cannot be found. I've tried several things to delete it, but no luck.

    Can anyone help me out?

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    You can try to boot into safe mode and try to delete it there. Also, XP has a problem with deleting corrupted avi(s) which is explained at

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    Ok this is what i do. open windows explorer. find the file concerned and drag it into another file, say my documents. from there highlight it, and click on your delete button in your top task bar, if you haven't got a delete icon in your top task bar, right click on any where in the task bar and click on customise, scroll on the left column until you find the delete icon, highlight it and click on add. this has never failed for me.

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    Originally posted by Darth Sushi@10 March 2004 - 03:11
    You can try to boot into safe mode and try to delete it there. Also, XP has a problem with deleting corrupted avi(s) which is explained at
    Ok...I followed your advice, but it still doesnt work; I've even followed the instructions on the link you posted.

    Is there another way to delete it? :helpsmile:

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    Its an avi ,yeah mate??

    Or try through nero

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    Did you allready try rebooting? Maybe another program was still hanging with it. If still it's not responding go to your control panel, open folder options, and see it it's listed in file types. If it's not, add it (whatever you said the extension name was) then tell the computer what program to use to open it. It's probably just confused, like I usually am...I don't have a clue why the delete option isn't on your shortcut menu that's really wierd. Also maybe the delete option would work if you select it with some garbage file you dont care about, or a copy of one.

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    try my way, it almost always works

    share the folder that ur movie is in (temporaly) in klite or something. go into my files in klite, find ur file,and press delete. unless it's really fucked up, it usually works


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