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Thread: Us Presidential Press Conference

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    Our President, George W. Bush, has recently declared that he does not need the justification or validation of a United Nations resolution to pursue an aggessive war in Iraq.

    It cannot be anything else than aggressive, because there has been no defensive cause. No aggression has been committed, or can be proven.

    Worse, it seems that, according to my elected government, the consensus of the world is without matter, as though we may say that we may do as we like.

    That the United Nations is irrelevant.

    That we say, God, how cynically and how brutally inept, that we only say,

    "Badges? We don' need no stinkin' badges!"

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    true Deckard, well it's of then just count the days. If he don't need the UN. Don't think Saddam can ever please him. I even think that if Saddam resigns an go live in timboektoe he doesn't believe it and probably say it's just his double...

    Yeah the world will change when UN is put out of order on this matter. Certainly will destabalise law and order in some places.

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    I agree Deckard..

    And if he cant get a UN resolution with the amount of votes the US buys with aid....well it just shows how unpopular this policy is in the world.

    An It Harm None, Do What You Will

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    I watched that. I thought it was the most repetivily stupid speech I had ever heard a president say.
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