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Thread: Bubba Ho-tep

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    I found Bubba Ho-Tep on supernova, but BT does ever seem to work for me, does any1 have it or know of a hash for it? I really want this movie


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    Guest [After-All]
    CT-S250 on #ct-xdcc Slots: N/A Queues: N/A Max KB: 2372.8 Updated: 102 minutes ago

    #1 805 MB 45 Gets Bubba.Ho-tep.LIMITED.DVD.SCREENER.SVCD-DCi.CD1.tar
    #2 805 MB 36 Gets Bubba.Ho-tep.LIMITED.DVD.SCREENER.SVCD-DCi.CD2.tar

    no wating 100k + bot

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    how do I get n there? I went to and all I got waas a pageholder


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    do you have miec installed and setup corectly
    after you do go here and click and it will open mirc
    then ctrl + V to paste the command in the window
    thats it

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    Ok, I dont have miec at all, where do I get it? I'll do a search on here to see if theres a link to dl it.

    so its that simple, I'll give it a shot


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    ok, i've tried it and i get nothing, i followed the guide, but still nothing



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