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Thread: Files In Playlist Disapear

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    When playing a plylist songs tend to be labeled as Remonte in that playlist even though the file is in the computer and is in the Audiofolder where it's labeled as Local, which it is.

    This is so frustrating, I constantly have to delete songs from playlists and add them again, otherwise Kazaa sees them as missing and often try to download the file again even though it's RIGHT THERE!!

    Has anyone had lese had this prob?

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    KaZaA uses windows media player to run the theater

    Windows Media Player version 9 (with all it's DRM goodness) "phones home" everytime you play a file, and "updates" the files info stored inside it, thereby changing the files checksum hash, making it, in effect, a different file according to kazaa.

    In Windows Media Player 9 go to "Tools>Options>Media Library" and UNcheck Update my music files (WMA and MP3 files) by retrieving missing media information from the internet.


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