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Thread: Can I Block Certain Users?

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    I couldn't find any info on this, so I figured I'd try this forum. :-) Is there anyway to block a certain user's files from popping up in your search results?

    I really want to block this one user whose files never ever work out. And I also have another reason for inquiring: I was trying to download a file that had 7 users listed for it, and when I dl'd it, it went extremely slowly, projecting like 4 hours for a 2 minute song. So I cancelled the dl, went back to the search results and clicked on the little + sign next to the file name and it listed the individual users, and I clicked on the next user. when i looked at my traffic, i noticed it went right back to the same user. No matter which user I clicked on, it would go back to the first user.

    So I decided to dl another song, one that also had multiple users, and of course that same user was the first one listed and again it would only dl from them.

    Anyway, is there anykind of username filter, or anything like that?


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    I am not sure if it is the user that is the problem, but you could try putting that user name in to your filter in Options.

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    no real way, but you could try the filter option, also you start a download from that user and then use Kdat and find out what IP the user is at and block him in your host file.


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