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Thread: Avi 2 Vcd - Sound Problems

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    right i downloaded honey , i encode it 2 VCD (nero) and i play it on my DVD player, and the sound is all rubbish

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    i had the same problem, and its nero. nero wants to remake the mpeg files compliant for vcd, in the options untick the compliant vcd, and it fixes the shrek noise

    the other thing is to choose a lower burn speed , as it improves the quality of the vcd

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    nero is the problem, do NOT let nero encode, use tmpgenc links in my sig
    and as far as slower = better copy, thats pretty much a old wives tale, doesn't seem to hold warter anymore
    so wrong on both part's

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    um , incorrect , if you burn at like 48 speed , some dvd players will freeze for seconds at a time, as it tries to search, especial the cheaper ones

    and as i said once you have made a mpeg, dont let nero try to reencode it, simple

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    I used to think the same thing, but there is a even bigger thread that this
    but I'm not going to look for it, stupid flood control
    pisses me off, it thinks your posting for some reason when you do a search
    but its just not a problem with todays newer cdw's
    I used to think the same thing, now I burn at the fastest and see no problems


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