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Thread: My Video Files Dissapear

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    I've searched the forums but i have found no solution, my problem is that sometimes on large scale download files (i.e 200mb) files they dissapear either once finished or just failed, im not really sure if they finish but im pretty sure they fail. Can someone please tell me why they are failing? Its getting really frustrating to waste 2gb a night when the files arent even there in the morning!

    I've tried re-installing Kazaa but no avail so if someone could help me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    what version of kazaa you using. Also have you tried using Kdat to see if they are still in your My Shared Folder just did not get renamed. It may still be there with a *.dat name. Then all you will have to do is rename the file to *.avi

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    Are you using a firewall, dynamic AV, or a router?

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    Im using K++ 2.4.3 yeah i've chcked the shared folder, it isnt in .dat because I think kazaa deleted them somehow if they failed...

    Yeah im using a router, netgear model, any ideas?

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    make sure the path of the source in the dat file is the same as the path for current shared folder, if the path is correct, and also its not a dat file, then it probebly got corrupt and klite will delete corrupt files.

    i will let haxor explain his part of it, the above was mine

    now to you haxor

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    OK. Click on the word "P2P" in my sig and download KaNAT, you need to do this if you have a router. Next, go to KL -> Options -> KL Options -> Firewall and look at the port. Forward that port. Have KaNAT constantly running with the LAN IP replaced with the WAN IP. You might need to turn off a firewall if you have one.

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    Alright i've done everything you said, hopefully my next downloads wont fail me

    edit: btw with the port forwarding my downloads seem to be a bit faster


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    NP, we're here to help.

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    hmm so far after about 20 video downloads they all appear to work fine but i have another problem that maybe you guys could help me with.

    I downloaded "dawn of the dead" its in ASF format, but whenever I try to play it in WMP 8 it says something about obtaining license failed, and when i play it in windows media player classic it says "failed to render" this has happened to some files that are in asf format, can someone please help? I really wanna watch it

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    That file has DRM up the ass. Do NOT download ASF / WMA / WMV files.

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