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Thread: New Member--old Problem

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    Hi from a new member! At least im here!
    (see general posting on Feb 24.... where are the new members??)

    yeah.. im a newbe to this strange subworld of filesharers.. .
    Just want, of no particular reason at all, to say hello from an overseas ole chap(Sweden), so exc. my bad english...
    My sign. oughta be 'grandpa', cause ive been spinning around the sun for some 57 yrs now. But only been fighting
    w. KL K++ 4.2.3 for some months now.
    Why i´m here?, You might ask. -Im so old i should be dead!
    Well, i guess i got the funds to by or rent my own dvd:s and SW, but lets say i was ripped off once by the swed. film board,
    my wife (a singer/songwriter) was constantly ripped off by her record comp. (Smells revenge, here)
    But thats not really the only reason, if at all actually, i also like the fun of it, ..the trills (cheezus, that sounds weird to me&#33
    So, thats some of my bad excuses for being here at all.
    Doing what, grandpa?
    well, I decided some time ago i really wanted to learn how to create my own dvd-movies (yes, im into editing), then
    how to use the power of internetP2P to "copy" feature-films to dvd. I Was hooked, kinda!...
    And now, Im not travelling light anymore, im fighting myself with heaps of:

    KL K++ (havent tried anything else yet , is DC++ a way to go???)
    TMPGEnc (love it, but was a steep learning curve for me&#33
    Gspot (Whoever came up with THAT name&#33
    DVDIt! Pro (stupid, but reliable and easy enough authoring for me ;>))

    Doom9 and DVDRhelp sites led me the way ahead...Thanks!

    Right now (last night) i tried to tweak my KL DL-speeds up to were they were som weeks ago (50-80 kbits, now 1-2&#33.
    Ive got some tips from this forum...Thanks for that.... You know that "Search--start DLing -- Search again" thing
    to improve numbers of sources in dat-file.
    Didnt seem to gain anything, really.
    Okay... tried to fiddle w this SuperNode yumyum. Changed SN 3-4 times... no improvements really (localized SE-nodes),
    except from the fact that i accidentaly ended up as a SuperNode myself!!! Scared the s-t out of me!!!
    Bad things travels fast: My wife woke up, asked me what the f-k i was doing:
    OK OK...honi... We got to give a bit to share a megabit: - Wadda you know, We are a SuperNoooode!
    - Go to bed!

    So, whats up w Kazaa Lite, is the underlaying network detouriating (spells that way?) or what. Do I have to go into the K2SigDat (?) hash-hell
    change p2p-network. Any other hint what to do?
    DLing mp3s no problem, its the filesizes of mpeg:s and avi:s (0.5-1GB). Im on a 2 Mbit broadband.

    Anyhows...thanks again for all those forum efforts out there... awesome community. Hope to be able to contribute!

    BTW, my semi-pro editing:
    Sony cams (PD150P 3-chip DVCAM + the smallest one of them all)
    Premiere Pro and After Effects through Canopus RT-card on a dual-proc, xp-system.

    Got to stop this now... to see if im able to get this posting right, to start with!

    Best wishes from Stockholm, /Grandpa

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    Jul 2002
    aTx, USA
    Welcome to the Forum!

    We have the best and craziest members in town, and if your are lucky, you just might find help

    Enjoy your stay. :beerchug:
    "8-ball Corner Pocket"

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    Welcome aboard

    I would recommend you to take a look at other p2p programms

    Look at the worlds where you can find tutorials or ask if you have any questions. Believe its worth it, once you found something new you wont go back to k++

    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

    Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to there level and beat you with experience!!

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    thanks for your on-board cheers, guys!

    right now im gonna cont to bang myself onto KL++ and the low-low DL speeds.
    Later, i might go for a try of Overnet or BT.. just read some promising postings about them...

    Happy Trails!

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    The Netherlands
    Welcome, enjoy your stay.

    Take a look at the "Filesharing, Clients & Tools" subforum for alternative p2p clients


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