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Thread: Bittorrent Where To Get Links

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    Someone on this board recommended bittorrent, so im giving it a try but as i found out it doesnt have a search capability and you have to search for websites that have links, could anybody recommend some sites for movies??

    any help would be apreciated.

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    552 fantastic site, directed there by stoi...great alternative to kazaa for some things, especially will need some apps to download though, pm me and ill give you my ftp address to get them...

    just follow the movie link, its really easy to use

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    not that good stick wit k++

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    thanks for the links!!!!!

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    i think its a hell of a lot better than K++, i only ever have kazaa on now to share my files that i get of bittorent, they have all the latest games and movies that arnet even out on kazaa for 2 or 3 months afterwards.


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