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Thread: How Do I Copy Xbox Games?

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    Hi there how do i copy my orginal Xbox games that i own hope to hear soon thanks.

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    get a dvd burner and then copy it

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    Yeah, but he means what program.
    First of all, you're gonna need a mod chip. Then you have to FTP into your XBox and copy the game files from it. From there, you burn the files using something like Nero. I don't know if DVD Decrypter and Alcohol work with XBox, but they do with PS2.

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    Just for your information, check the Xbox Soft-Mod thread.

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    Thanks for the help guys

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    I just ripped my xbox game on my PC hardrive using DVD Decrypter and the size is 13.6 MB i thought it was going to be a very big file size like in Gigabytes why is it 13.6 MB size for? I thought it was going to be massive. Hope to hear soon.


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