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Thread: Another Joke

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    Don`t know if this joke has been posted before, it`s good so i`ll post it anyways:

    A guy walks into a gun shop and says "I want a new telescope for my rifle." The shop owner says "Sure. We just had a new one come in. Itís so good that you can see every detail of my house, a mile away. Have a look." The shop owner hands the guy a telescope and points him out a window at a house. The guy takes one look and starts laughing. "Whatís so funny?" asks the shop owner. "Thereís a man and a woman running around naked in your bedroom". The shop owner snatches the telescope and takes a look. Then he reaches for a rifle and starts screwing the telescope on. He hands the guy the rifle and two bullets. He says "youíve got two shots. If you can blow her head off and his #*@! off iíll give you the telescope for free." The guy says "right" and steadies himself against the window, getting ready to fire. Then he pauses and looks at the shop owner. "Whatíll you give me if i can do it in one shot?"

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    I've heard it before, but told differently, still pretty funny.

    By the way, your sig is 320 x 200 pixels, the max allowed is 500 x 150 pixels, its too big.

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