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Thread: Too Many Choices

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    kazaa2002's Avatar lost
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    Dec 2003
    near oz
    I went with a friend and he bought a pc off the shelf
    it is a basic system and has very little software.

    my friend and his whole family have very little knowledge of the
    workings of a pc.

    they are in shock of the cost of this hardware, and do not want to spend
    much for software.

    I will go over to his home and set it up when it arrives.
    my problem is that I can't find a list of software that a family should
    have on a new pc. They do not have a tech in the family and I will
    be the one that they will look to for programs

    I know sharedholder has a ton on his web site...but either 4thgen or DWK had a
    list or a link to some suggested lists for beginners that was freeware but did not
    need a rocket scientist to interpret the programs, I tried "search" but I did not
    find the and friends ,I do need your expertise in this

    they do not have...believe it or not, no interest in games, or movies.
    the reason they got this pc was oldest child coming home and wished to
    talk to spouse overseas on internet.

    I just need some ideas on what would be a good list of programs to install
    that would be easy and would not require my intervention after I loaded
    them on the pc.

    it is the small things that usually drive us mad

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    neevakee's Avatar the bad spelller BT Rep: +9BT Rep +9
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    Be careful with a firewall, because people that know little about computers get confused with them very easily, so make sure if you install one to thourghly explain it. Just a piece of a divce i have learned throughout the years. One time i hasd to drive back over to a hpues just to find it was something i had told them, but they were not paying close attention.

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    peat moss's Avatar Software Farmer BT Rep: +15BT Rep +15BT Rep +15
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    Here's a good site to look thru. Some are trials only tho sorry

    Read this too

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    Chewie's Avatar Chew E. Bakke
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    Norton Internet Security 2003 and Microsoft Works would be all you need to install for them. Even if they buy them, they won't be too expensive as almost any version M$ Works will do and NIS03 has been updated so they'll both be cheaper.
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    Microsoft Works is trash

    Here is a full office suite to meet the needs of any household or office for that matter. And best of all, it's stable and completely free.


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