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Thread: P4 Hyperthread

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    i am new to this hyperthread shit. to take advantage of hyperthreading, do i have to do something, like a setting, or sumpin, or sumpin. someone told me that hyperthreading splits cpu cycles and said they thought there was a setting. I think thats retarded, but i dont know. :helpsmile:

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    do not know what it does, try google to get the diffenition, but I believe you enable it in the BIOS

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    the essence of hyperthreading, allows you to run multiple apps at once, with out one slowing down the other

    with like 8 pipelines a program can run on one line while another program can run down the other

    new software will be able to access more than one pipeline and thus take advantage of the increased performance

    as this new software comes on the market you will find better performance in such areas as rendering, converting and number crunching

    all in all , hyperthreading is just the new standard in cpu's and its still a baby, just give it time for the software makers to catch up


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