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Thread: Links Work Now - Will This Work

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    See Post Below.

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    i have looked at some products on ebuyer. they have some funny 'contact us' thing. (enotes) so i though it would be quicker comming through you. please could you just look at this. then i can make my pc and stop bothering you.

    i am going to buy a few products. i want to get them as soon as posibal i have posted this on various forms to help as well. alls i anted to know is that would the following products work and fit together (be compatable). one other thing will i need anything else.

    the products are as follows.








    thats it.

    could you look at the specs...

    and tell me if

    1. the ram will be suported by the motherboard, hdd etc

    2. will the video card be nessary

    3. will the motherboard fit (screw) on to the case

    4. will the cpu fan and heatsink fit into the motherboard.

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    From a quick glance at all the items and mobo specs

    1. yes
    2. yes
    3. yes
    4. yes

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    Looks like everything will work together. Maybe you could get a CD burner instead of a CD ROM drive. It's not too much more money but you will be able to make CDs and backup stuff you download.

    The only thing that I would look out for... Check that Power Supply. Make sure to get one that is AMD approved.

    AMD Recommended Power Supplies

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    what is the make of the power suply anyway. it dont say it is a 300w i no that. anyway it wont make a difference realy will it. powere is power

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    Power is not Power. There are many differences between power supplies.

    Getting a good quality and powerful enough one will make your system stable vs. one that isn't.

    By the way your link to your web page in your signature doesn't work. Remove the first http.

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    power is power
    You know, I thought the same thing until I experienced a nice little power supply failure first-hand. NOT something you want to happen to you!

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    hmmm cant say i like the case just bear in mind that many ppl just think that a cheap case is ok however a good and well ventilated case WILL increase performance and perhaps you will want to get a different heatsink and fan from the ones that come with the cpu for better performance.

    If u do decide to get a different fan and heatsink remember to use thermal compounds instead of the usual thermal pad on the heatsink this decreases temps alot this is a good site for such things

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    Hey Razz, I have that same 2000+ CPU and stock heatsink.
    I was amazed when I installed it because it works really efficiently. (Super fine fin technology)
    I have my PC on continuously now for more than 6 months and not a problem. (Perfectly stable)
    It runs at 45 C Max after 30 minutes full load burnin testing.
    and 38 C when idle.

    I do have a nice case with good ventilation and an Enermax Power Supply: Enermax webpage

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    ok. you seem to be a lot better than me. could you please help me out. could you post links to, all parts i mentioned above, cpu, mbord, ram, case, etc. that will go together. make sure it is from


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