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Thread: Can Someone Help Me?

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    Okay... so first let me say... I'm new to Movieworld... I usually stay in my own little place in Musicworld and Softwareworld... anyway... so... I downloaded a DVDRip... and now I have a .bin file... so uh... now what do I do with it?
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    you can burn it or watch it can play it can burn it

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    Thanks thanks..
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    There is an easy way to burn a .BIN file without the .CUE and I do it with NERO.
    I am currently using version 6.x but I know earlier version will work as well because I have used them. Here is the summary...

    Start NERO (not the NeroExpress)
    Go to the menus at the top left and click on &#39;Recorder&#39; then &#39;Burn Image&#39;

    A browser box will pop up allowing you to browse for *.nrg, *.iso and *.cue files. If you had the .cue file you wouldn&#39;t be reading this. So in the filename box, where the cursor is type &#39;*.bin&#39; (without the quotes of course dum dum )
    The browser box will remain open but will only show .bin files.
    Now browse through the folders to the one with your wonderful .bin file in it and click on it, then click OK.
    With me so far? Sweet. Now another box will pop up.
    -Leave it on &#39;Data Mode 1&#39;
    -In the dropdown box, change the block size to 2352
    -The &#39;Raw data&#39; box will become checked on its own, leave it.

    Click on the OK button and most times a message box will pop up saying that the block size doesn&#39;t correspond with the image length. Click on &#39;Ignore&#39; and you are ready to go. If the .BIN file is good then the disk will work just fine.

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    Originally posted by muchspl2@11 March 2004 - 02:54
    There is an easy way to burn a .BIN file without the .CUE
    but when u d/l and archie u get the bin and cue and if it doesnt y jus not d/l the cue there&#39;re always 1kb


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