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Thread: Watching A Movie

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    I am watching movie mona lisa simle in an avi format. The sound is off by a few seconds. Is there any way to correct this.

    I tried searching the forum but did not find much. I know its out there somewhere because I am sure I am not the only one that has had this problem, but I cant seem to find it.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What codec is the movie (audio and video)? What's the exact filename, ripgroup, and your system specs? Some older xvid codecs have sync problems and the fix is installing a newer version. A slow machine might have problems with AC3. Get a copy of G-spot so you ID what codecs are being used by that file(s). Another option is to just use VideoLan as your player.

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    The file is an avi file, in GSpot the video codec is Xvid and the audio codec is ac3 (0x2000) Dolby Laboratories, Inc. The Stream Type is OpenDML AVI. I have the Kazaa lite codec pack 224 full installed. I have a Dual PIII 500 with 250GB hard drive 150GB Free, running windows XP Pro with all updates. The file name is mona-cd1-dcn.avi and mona-cd2-dcn.avi and it was downloaded off of bittorent with the file name of Mona.Lisa.Smile.DVDRip.XViD-DcN_[bt-gm]_[EFnet]. Just for the info that you wanted. I was playing the file in Media Player 9.

    I did try it on Video Lan and it plays fine there, guess I will use Video lan instead to play this movie.

    Thanks for the Help Darth Sushi.

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    Those specs mate should be ok if you dont have much else running.U could try the 4cc changer ,change the file to use divx to decode the movie..or in vdub split it then rejoin back together ,and maybe in the interleave options set the sound of a few ms.


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