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Thread: Kazaa Lite .avi File

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    Hi, I was wondering I'm downloading a .avi file from kazaa lite and I know that you can view files while they download, but I noticed that everytime I tried to view a .avi file when it was downloading that it wouldn't show me the video. I have the divx codec downloaded to view the file after it is fully downloaded, but does anybody know if you can view a .avi file if its not fully downloaded or do you have to wait for it to be fully downloaded to be able to view it? Please reply. Thanks!


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    get the klite codec pack
    use videolan
    get videolan here
    that should save 4 post to this thread, let's see what I left out

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    K, Thanks for the quick reply, where do I get the KLite Codec Pack at? I'm downloading that file that you posted, also you have the exact link to where I can update my Kazaa Lite cuz I'm still running version 2.0 something? So all I need is that file that you posted to download and the Kazaa Lite Codec Pack? Thanks!


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    Guest for klite 2.4.3 last version of klite for klite codec pack

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    KL Codec Pack can be found at my sig.


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