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Thread: Wont Open File

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    I just DL'd Bubba Ho-tep, BT style from supernova, its done now it only give it to me in a bunch of files and wont open the movie, what can I do if anything to play this movie?


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    go read the tutorials on rar files plz and im not giving you a direct link to the tutorial, you need to learn to search the forums b4 asking simple questions

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    Alright, I've searched and couldnt find anything pertaining to the problem I am having, actualy I did, but it didnt say how to fix it. If there's a link to show me how to fix it, could some1 please post it. I'm not so much a noob here that I didnt do a search first, I did, but didnt find what I was looking for. I am a total noob when it comes to BT though.


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    Can't remember a movie's name? Ask help at MovieWorld's Lost & Found

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    Thank you very much, dont know how I missed it



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    draconos, i have d/l exactly the same movie from BT/suprnova about 2 days ago and have had the same problem, i extracted the files but was still unable to open the movie

    the above link is when and where i posted my problem, unfortunately there is no real solution in that thread. i did find that about 4 pieces of the movie i think piece 32-33-34-35 were incomplete, anyways i tried my best but to no avail.


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