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Thread: Problem Previewing Divx In 3rd Party Programs

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    I'm downloading a DivX3 encoded movie in KaZaA Lite 2.00 K++.

    Obviously, I can't preview an AVI within the program. Fine I try Intermedia Organizer until the demo expired. So I move on to AJ's AVI Preview (included in KaZaA Lite).

    The problem: Not long before IO expired, I noticed that no matter how much I've downloaded since then, it refused to play beyond a certain scene in the movie, about half-way through.

    But this problem presists in AJ's app too!

    I'm afraid it'll finish (someday...), I won't b able to play the full (huge) file all the way through! Is this possible? What's going on? Please help!

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    just give it some time you just probably haven't d/l it enough yet

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    I've downloaded over 80 MB since that scene where it stop!

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    Hhehehehe... this is what happens..

    The first time it reads the file (the data recieved), and the length of that file and stores it.
    If you click File/ and open the 099847674.dat file again in the list, it reads the created data... again.. the same data as before but not the actual file you are trying to complete!

    Just open it again, but from the folder not from the MenuBar.. understand?

    So he reads it again.. but now he reads the rest of the new data in the file aswell!

    (Difficult language English.. i hope i'm clear? )

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    What I did was right-click the file from within the directory, and do open with, AJ's program.

    But it still didn't help!


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