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Thread: Broken Links Reporter Script

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    any one know where to get broken link reporter just like our board "report" button so vistors if they get broken link they can report throught a email or something like that.

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    You could try using a mailto: hyperlink or just customize a mail form which appears when the user clicks on the link.

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    Check broken links on a website

    Dreamweaver has an option as well if you have your website setup as a "site" in MX. Normally you should check yourself before anyone else reporting it.

    However, Simplest Mail Script!

    Make your custom 404 page and add this form to it for people to email you that page.

    A google search for that will give you good results as well.
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    if ya still stuck, i can make an autoreporter if you want?

    what platform is your server? or better still i can make you a win32 exe...

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