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Thread: Can Not Delete / Move Downloaded File

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    I can not delete or move a file I have downloaded using KLITE. The message I get is :

    "Can not delete file. File is in use by another user of program. Close all programs that might use this file and try again"

    When I do this, I still can not delete the file. Even after complete shutdown of my PC I will get the same message.

    The download is complete and nobody is uploading this file?

    Any suggestions ? ? ?

    Sterren :helpsmile:

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    are you trying to delete it while kazaa is running if so then close kazaa and then try again. Or start your computer ins dos mode or command prompt only mode and delete through dos. You could also delete it through Nero.

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    did you preview the file in any media player, or play it or enqueue it

    check all your media players and make sure its not in there playlist, bsplayer does this to me a bit,

    if not restart your comp in safe mode and delete it there , should work

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    Is it a moviefile?
    If so,I've a FIX for this problem right-click here and save target as. When downloaded right-click the file and choose install.

    Works like a charm (for moviefiles that is,other files i'm not too sure about,but still worth giving it a try)

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    the xp-avifix did the thing!


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    i got same problem like you, uasauly i use ACDSee to delete/move the files, it works!


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