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Thread: Need Help Bad With Xp

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    hi my dad completely deleted xp off his computer i mean everything but dos i tried to restore his copy of xp but it says he needs 98,nt,me,or 2k, i have 2k but it will not read it . i also have xp pro but it wont read that either the only thing it reads is that xp restore disc , it reads the system then it tells me it could not verify window was on the the computer or somthing like that . i been reading the forum about making xp bootable but how would i do that with his restore disc


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    The xp pro probably is bootable,set the bois to boot cd-rom first ,insert the cd then follow the instruction.

    Otherwise you'l need to download a boot sector img.Use nero then add the files to make it bootable.Plenty of guides on google.

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    ok i will try thanks

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    No worries mate if you get stuck or need anymore help ,

    just come back.

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    Are you using an upgrade version of windows xp. Does not make sence that the restore cd is doing this. Anyway something I have done to trick the install thinking that the os is there, On the C: drive make a folder called windows. Then in that folder copy the file to that folder. When you boot to your cd it will find that and think that the operating system exists. Has worked for me in the past.

    Edit: Either way mate just come back for more help if you need to.

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    yes i am using the upgrade version. will i be able to make that folder in dos and if so how do i copy in dos

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    copy originalfilenameandpath destination path
    at the command prompt

    for example if you want to copy the file from a folder called setup on your windows cd into a folder called windows on your c drive type

    >copy d:\setup\ c:\windows

    you have to change the cdrom drive letter according to your drive

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    ok i am tring to copy the file but dos will not read the cd rom drive i can change the letters to a,b,c drives but not d,e,f .

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    double post sorrry

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    i just tried making boot disc for 3 different windows programs they boot up and then they ask for an full or something like that copy of window then when i put it in i get please wait......... an then it ask to insert disc again ,thats xp and xp pro
    the windows 2k i get please wait.........then and error 08000 or somthing like that i know windows 2k is good i have used it many times . someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?


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