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Thread: A Working Gta3?

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    Hey can anyone tell me where to find a working GTA3 on kazaa? I downloaded 2 already with one saying it was 007 james bond nightfire but was really gta3, that one wouldn't let me load saved games.
    Then another one called GTA Vice city didn't work either (I know vc isn't out on pc yet but I thought it was just gta3)
    Can anyone show me a working gta3?

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    yeah you need to download save game fix on kazaa

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    MAMA MIA! what's the keyword? I'm gonna go type in gta3 fix and such to try to find it, Thanks again to the fine folks at kazaa!

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    Nm found it

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    If you have these questions place them in requests.
    And if you used the search button of the site you would probably found one.. B)

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    K I'll remember that, BTW nice avatar

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    There it is

    File:GTA 3 No-cd crack + xp patch + crack info..exe
    Length:4052787 Bytes,3958KB

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    I downloaded GTA3 long time ago, i remember it was a rip and it was appx. 130 mb in size, try that one, that should be it

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    The one I got works, but is the framerate supposed to lag like that?

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    if you have a system with a cpu under the 1gHz ... yeah


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