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    I love hearing about strange, funny, paranormal dreams from other people.

    I had a TV sitcom dream once. It had a laugh track, closing credits, and camara tricks.

    Basically, it starts with a 50's tv family sitting around the table as the mother does the dishes. There is a business man, father, who reads the paper and smokes a pipe. Three sons, and a very very religios mother who won't allow her kids to watch tv, movies, or listen to the radio.

    One day, on the way to school, the middle child saw graffiti on the side of a bus. In large letters, somebody had spraypainted 'bitch'. He didn't know what that word was, and ignored and went to school. Later, at recess, he was playing on a swing. As he got higher into the air, he saw somebody had written 'bitch' in the sand using footprints. On his way home, he saw a couple fighting, and he heard the man say, "bitch, bitch, bitch." That night he was eating dinner, his dad was reading the paper, his mom was still doing dishes. His older brother took a piece of his toast. He demanded it back, and the older brother said no. So he then replied, "GIVE IT BACK YOU BITCH". Right when he said the word bitch, a cloud of birds flew out of a tree outside their home. The camara then jumped to a view of a forest and went really fast out of the forest, over some mountains, over a desert, into the city, and into the kitchen window to a close up of the mother's shocked facial expression. Immediatly she grabbed the boy, and drug him over to the sink. She reached down for the dish soap, but accidently grabbed Liquid Drano. She forced open his mouth and poured it down his throat. Immediatly the kid started gagging and his throat began to melt. She shoved him in the corner and said that he couldn't come out until he apologized to his brother. Then the jumped to 2 years later. The eldest brother asked if the other brother could leave the corner yet. and mother said, "not until he apologizes". And the camara shows a skeleton sitting in the corner. Then the ending credits began to role.

    How messed up is that?!?!?!
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    New Movie??? Very creepy tho. Something like what Steven King would write.
    Ok, to many weird dreams to write but i remember when i was i kid up until about 12 or 13 i would always fly backwards in crashing tower blocks & very high buildings, i think someone mentioned to me once that these are pipe dreams?

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    Sometimes I dream of things that I'm 99% sure of that will never happen. Sucks when you wake up after those.

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    I once dreamt of my own funeral. In the dream I opened the coffin and jumped out then started shooting people.

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    Originally posted by The Knife Thrower@8 March 2003 - 20:11
    I once dreamt of my own funeral. In the dream I opened the coffin and jumped out then started shooting people.
    You watch too many horror movies and play too many FPS games.

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    Actually, at the moment, I'm into this.

    I've been sleeping a lot lately, so while I've got a lot to sort out at the moment, and they seem to progress to the past, from my experience, and my particular moment of personal crisis, I had this one more than a year ago, when things felt comfortable and well settled.

    I am on a secret mission with Michal J. Fox, or perhaps it is another graduate student I knew, who looks remarkably like him. We are meant to sabotage some inscrutably obscure pipeworks around an indescribably arcane computer console, when we are both alerted that the Grenadiers of the Kings German Legion are approaching us.

    It is obvious to both of us that we must sing the chorus to Tori Amos' Silent All These Years , ('Years go by and I'll still be waiting&#39, and we do this not only at the top of our lungs but with smug satisfaction.

    The enemy formations fade away, and the mission is successful.

    I am told that, before I was awakened, I was grunting guttural bursts.

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    In 90% of my dreams, I find myself going back to school. Or doing something where my old school mates are involved.

    I seriously wonder what this means, because this dream is reoccuring all over again for the past few years. And it doesn't seem to have a plan to leave me yet.


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