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Thread: Whats The Main Diffrence Between...

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    Which one do you recommend is the best for a gaming rig if money is not a option.

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    Originally posted by DJ X@12 March 2004 - 14:20

    Which one do you recommend is the best for a gaming rig if money is not a option.
    the first one has gigabit lan which is an onboard NIC which runs at 1000mbits per second. very fast but you need to have gigabit lan on all your computers and you also need a router that supports gigabit too.

    first one also has SATA raid which you may or may not use...

    if you dont need raid or gigabit lan just go with the second one they are teh same performance wise.

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    The Deluxe board also has Firewire controller and on board Audio Processor and Dolby Encoder, which means you don't need a separate sound card.
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    I for one like the asus boards but there are many good ones for p4 or amd .

    I like the price of the asus intel 850 chip set 4.t $ 4.61? what a deal

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    aside from the nicer audio chip, it looks like the deluxe board just includes extra stuff that the average user has no use for. pretty typical of "deluxe" versions.


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