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Thread: George Micheal Giving Away His Music Fo Free.

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    It was on the news here yesteray.
    George Micheal says that all the new cd's he will bring out,will be free for download on the net.The reason he does this is because he says he made enough money with his previous albums,that he doesn't find it necessairy to keep asking money for it.
    Maybe not a lot of people here like his music,but that's not what matters.
    Other artists should follow his example or at least sell their albums for a far more cheaper price to start of with.I haven't found an article on the net abou this yet but I think it's nice to hear there's at least one artist with a healty mind on making money and knowing when he has more than he could ever spend.

    Cheers Micheal


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    what he said was that they would be downloadable, and that he would have a system of voluntary charity donations - IMO even better - though ill believe it when i see it
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    Well you can never really tell if these "stunts" are really sincere... For all we know, he might just be doing it to get the anti-RIAA peoples support and then he would begin to sell his records again... (me and my conspiracy theories? =P)

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    If he&#39;s genuine, more power to him

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    You&#39;d have to give it for free...I&#39;d never buy that crap.


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