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Thread: Sharereactor Down Indefinitely

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    ShareReactor has become one of the most popular link sites for the eDonkey2000/Overnet community. This site made the "search" feature irrelevant by using hash codes to directly link an individual with a file. Hash links have proven to be invaluable in the fight against corrupt or false files.

    However, after approximately three years as the top link site for eDonkey2000/Overnet, its future is drawn into great question. The site has been down for several days, with little in the way of an explanation. The little information that has surfaced has been confined to the ShareReactor chatroom and a few forum posts. The ShareReactor IRC chat room topic states the following:


    In addition, a post on by ShareReactor admin "BadM" states that the exact details of the site closure remain unclear. The site administrator, Simon Moon, has been unreachable since the site closure.

    Here are the two statements from Please keep in mind that this is a fluid situation, and these statements may be continuously updated:

    OFFICIAL STATEMENT (or as official as it gets at the time)

    As of now you probably noticed that the main page ( and the forums ( is offline. However our IRC server is still running, although you CANNOT connect to it through the DNS, so use instead, and feel free to join #ShareReactor if you want tooÖ

    Now enough of this babblingÖ. Why is ShareReactor down? Youíre all asking. The truth is, none of us knows. However itís seems to be DNS problems, since and a few other sites is online which is running on the same line as ShareReactor is/was. SimonMoon has been offline for almost 2 days at the time you are reading this, so nothing can and have been confirmed, so please donít jump to any conclusions.

    Now you all probably wonder when ShareReactor will be back up. Again none of us knows, however the core and some of the users still hang around at IRC, and when the page gets back online, thatís the first place it will be announced.

    If you wish to contact anyone from the crew and are unable to get on IRC, you can use the mail addresses at the bottom of this post. If the person you seek is not listed, send the mail to someone else and tell him/her to pass it on

    - The ShareReactor Crew


    Official Statement regarding

    As of now, 8 pm on friday March 12, 2004, ShareReactor is dead.

    We from the SR crew don't know what happened, but we do know SR is dead, at least for the coming weeks, and maybe forever.
    It was great while it lasted but now it is over.

    Thanks to everyone who supported SR, we wish you all the best!


    The ShareReactor Crew


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    FFS I've been trying to gain access for the last 3 days w/o success.

    sharedholder - do you remember me telling you about the donations problems that was going on in the last 4-6 months?

    Apparently, the donations exceeded $8000.00 and Simon Moon refused to give or show evidence of any work towards the site, in particular the slow speeds. The money was supposed to be used on a new processor and connection.

    I personnally believe he's just done a runner. And everyone on SR was very skeptical about him.

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    Sharereactor was really good for eMule/Overnet files (I know it was slow but if you were patient it was fine).

    Hopefully they will be back. I know Fasttrack movies is coming back after a period of downtime so hopefully SR will.

    Anyone know of a decent alternative ?

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    try backup .
    Make your files the smallest possible to share. If you don't you how I recomend DR. DivX. It will do it for you. We don't want to have to dl that 2.5 gig sh*t for a movie or 2 SVCD's. SMALLEST FORMAT ALWAYS!!!!!!

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    But I mean, the web database was sooo huge! Even if the rumors are true, I would wonder why he would just abandon the website. I mean with over 35,000 unique visitors a day, he could be making loads of money just from ONE popup per person per day. I don't see why he would throw all that away. I just hopethat SR will come back....

    (I knew I should've checked the "Make website available offline" button&#33

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    Originally posted by SeK612@13 March 2004 - 11:10

    Anyone know of a decent alternative ?

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    Well for all those who thought SimonMoon ran off to the Bahamas, I don't think that rumor stands true. After reading what I read off of, it appears that SR was shut down by legal forces. R.I.P Sharereactor.....

    Sorry, this service is closed.

    The ShareReactor has been shut down due to legal issues (if you speak german read here) and it is unclear whether and when it will return. Since my servers are hosted there I've decided to shut my services down even though it seems it was decided to kindly leave them running. How could I cause SimonMoon any additional financial costs in the situation he is in now?

    I had (and still have) several principles in this project: make a neutral statistical service, be legal, no ads, no filename tagging, try to cause least possible load on the ed2k network. I say that to to give two answers to some of the questions I got from your e-Mails: No, I will not sell it and I will also not open-source it. I simply fear I would hate to see the results of either of these options. Also, moving the service is not easy because it involves moving a 30G file in order to put the filename history back up.

    Finally, I've really grown tired of all this in the recent time, please forgive me, but it's a good time to stop for a while. I will donate my hardware to SimonMoon so he can sell it or do whathever he thinks is the right thing to do, if he wants. I'm so sorry about all this.

    So long, thanks to all the people that helped me through the previous two years with this project, THANK YOU for your wonderfull e-mails you've sent me recently,


    Also, that site Jigle links to in German is translated below:
    InterNet Site taken by the net 

    WOMAN MRS. (kapo) ways of suspicion of Widerhandlungen against copyright and the trademark act switched the Kantonale off office for examining magistrate Thurgau a InterNet Site, which served as link platform for offers of exchange stock exchanges. Against the 25-year old operator from woman field a procedure runs.

    The InterNet Site with server location woman field was last on the average round approximately 30 months on-line and registered 220'000 access per day, before she was taken some days ago by the Thurgauer authorities by the net. The Site toprangierte in search machines predominantly functioned protected computer games and films, which led on offers of Peer ton Peer Tauschboersen as turntable for left to the Download from author and to mark-legally.

    After an appropriate announcement of various large firms, represented by the Swiss combination for the fight of the Piraterie, the Kantonale office for examining magistrate Thurgau opened an investigation, seized the servers in woman field and let the Site switch off.

    The responsible person operator, a 25-year old Swiss, pointed himself in the first examinations to the collection of the state of affairs very cooperatively. The determinations persist and some time will take up.

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    already posted in the emule section. it sucks.

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    i always thought it was a great big heap of monkey spunk anyway, but nevermind,

    i'm not sad at all its gone but i feel for that simon guy, haha "DNS is broken" who exactly would that fool?
    Don't visit ever!

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    If he was always a suspect then they shouldnt really have left it with him, thats why its best to have more than 1 person in control of your servers.


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