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Thread: K Lite Codec Pack Questions...

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    Hello guys !

    I just downloaded and installed the Mega pack... Works great without any bugs.

    Just two questions :

    1) Why some codec do not work with the Windows Media Player and need to be run on the Media Player Classic instead ?

    I don't have anything against that but I like having only one player for all my media. I was just wondering if it's possible to get Real and Quick Time on the WMP ?

    2) Is there any chance to get DTS audio decoding in a near future codec pack ?

    Thanks !

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    1) MPC has some internal decoders. That's why it plays more as other players. But exactly which codecs are you referring to?

    2) MPC has an experimental DTS decoder.

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    Well, take for example QuickTime and RealAudio, they automaticly open in MPC instead of WMP. I don't have an extensive list of different media to test every other format but these two where part of my first question.

    For DTS, I am sure it was working on the passtrough SPDIF with an external decoder. Now with the KLCodec Mega Pack DTS does not anymore. That's why I asked about DTS decoding. Is there something blocking the passthrough when there is DTS ?

    DD works great on the passtrough or on 5.1 speakers (set in the AC3 Filter configuration panel) but as soon there is DTS material, my external decoder switch back to stereo without any sound.

    Before I found the pack, I was only using the InterVideo DVD decoder that came with my Asus P4P800 Deluxe mother board. The passthrough on the SPDIF jack was able to send DTS signal to an external decoder. What is strange is that I think there is the same DVD decoder in the pack.

    When I go in the DVD option, I get the AC3 Filter control panel instead of the really simple (but effective ?) InterVideo Audio control panel. I had only to check box the SPDIF option and it was working great.

    I have tried both MPC and WMP with DTS material and there is no sound produce with 5.1 speakers or SPDIF.

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    The codec pack has a Cyberlink DVD decoder, not the Intervideo one.

    I don't know about the dts stuff.


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