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Thread: Sms Service On Internet

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    im looking for a sms service (preferably free, but if at a small cost i wouldnt mind), that will allow me to send to mobile phones in Surinam.......

    i know there is a brazillian site that allows you to send (though a lot of providers have blocked it since it was abused for sms-bombing) for free that might work........... its a very yellow site, but i cant remember the url though or even a name........... an alternate site is also welcome though.........

    any help is REALLY appreaciated.........
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    I would search for a Surinam mobile operator and look on their web page if they have any free SMS services.
    I do think that the service would be at least Surinam based anyway.
    I doubt there's any free SMS service that allows you to send text messages all over the world.

    Just Google some.


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