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Thread: Real One Player Won`t Play Now After .....

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    I installed the kazaalite mega codec pack and it fecked up my real one player because it tries to install a new one which does`nt come with an uninstaller.So i had to delete the real one player manual and tried to get rid off everthing to do with real one player.I did a clean install of the real one player and kept getting a message unonstaller components missing.So i`ve uninstalled it manually again and found one which i`ve installed and it did`nt come up with the mesage unistall com[onents missing.The new player is only 9Mb were as my old player was 26 MB in size.It is suppose to fire up so i can listen to .rm files which stream but it wont` even open and this only happened when i installed the codec pack.

    I alos uninstalled the codec pack and did a fresh install and chose the things i wanted to install.

    I don`t know if this post belongs in here but it did happen after i installed the codec pack so i gather it`s as good a place to start as any.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Mega Codec Pack contains Real Alternative, which as the name indicates is an ALTERNATIVE for RealPlayer. They are not meant to be used together. The fact that things get messed up if the fault of RealPlayer itself.

    So either uninstall RealPlayer or install the Mega Codec Pack with the Real Alternative components deselected.


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