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    Originally posted by nod32 eNews

    NOD32 Wins 25th VB 100% Award.
    With yet another "clean sweep" of every virus in all categories, NOD32 retains its championship title as the only antivirus program in the world that has never missed an "In the wild" virus by the prestigious independent testers Virus Bulletin. Unfortunately, not all antivirus companies did so well ! a selection of results below....

    Product Name  Total Viruses missed on access and on demand
    Ahnlab v3VirusBlock  19068
    CAT Quickheal            3297
    Grisoft AVG                810
    Trend PC-cillin        446
    Sophos                    37
    CA eTrust AV              12
    F-Prot                            12
    CA Vet AV                10
    Authentium Command  9
    NAI VirusScan                6
    F-Secure                    4
    Kaspersky                  2

    NOD32 Blocks even more viruses without update !
    NOD32's new 'next generation' antivirus software has detected > 80% of all new in-the-wild viruses in the last six months without needing specific signature updates, and without 'false-alarms'.

    In this era of fast infecting, mass-emailing viruses, any delay in providing protection can have a huge impact on virus spread. NOD32's performance in stopping most viruses without any need for a signature update is highly significant.

    'While most antivirus makers were scrambling to create signature updates ' NOD32 users were already protected even before anyone knew what these infections were.' commented Kirk Parker, NOD32 Corporate's Technical Manager.

    'Many antivirus products use a combination of signature and heuristic detection methods, but few give much attention to the heuristic side,' commented Richard Marko, NOD32's head of Strategic Development.

    NOD32 antivirus is the exception, with new, world-leading technology in both signature and heuristic detection. NOD32 was able to block these latest infected messages using its 'Advanced Heuristics', detecting more than 80% of new 'in-the-wild' viruses without a signature update. Viruses pre-detected by NOD32's heuristics include LoveLetter, Marburg, Badtrans, Swen, Bugbear, Sobig, Kournikova, Lovsan, Lablan, Mapson, Sobig Mimail, Klez, Sircam, Nimda, Bagle and Netsky. Signature updates are released only as often as needed.

    To learn more about how the advanced heuristics in NOD32 sets it apart from the competition, Eset's CEO was recently featured on let's talk computers in United States, where he discussed the key aspects in virus detection. Follow this link for more details
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    Nod32 is a good AV...but here are other comparisons you see Nod32 did not come out on top...everyone has their own preference B)

    click on comparatives to view results
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    NOD32 Wins 25th VB 100% Award.
    Now thats why i use it!


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