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Thread: More Sources Needed

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    <span style='font-family:Times'>It seems that I keep getting "More Sources Needed" more and more--even with files that just turned up on a search. Why do the files turn up in the search if they are not available?</span>

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    Originally posted by downloader2008@13 March 2004 - 18:35
    I did read the explanation in FAQ and it saaid that you get &#39;More Sources Needed&#39; when you start a download but then the peer goes offling. I find that I can start a bunch of downloads from a fresh search and they are all &#39;More Sources Needed&#39; right from the start. Seems to me that if they were offline, the would not have shown up in the search.

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    Originally posted by MUSCLEMAN
    your download speed depends on the # of sources for it and their upload speed, anddon&#39;t be fooled by whatyou see in the search window they are not an indication of who is available for connection so change supernodes to see if you get lucky, also use localized supernodes, also try changing ports, and lower your upload bandwidth,remove the no ip sources from your dat files and see if it helps

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    kaZupernodes has to be one of the Gr8tst tools added to the k-lite package makes you wonder why Sharman didnt think of it (that may be why they hate the K-lite people so bad they took a crummy spyware laden program and made it a breeze to use. Good job "guys"
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    Hi friends

    Regarding this "More sources needed" even if one find sources...

    I think it might depend, among other things, on what time the user have in the "Scan for your new shared files every X secs" field (under the tab K++ Advanced Options).

    An example: I have this update set to one hour. If I happen to take away a file from my shared folder just one minute after the folder has been scanned, another user might be able to find that same file for 59 minutes (or maybe longer depending on how fast the supernode is refreshing the inventory list), even though the file isn&#39;t there anymore.

    Just my two cents...


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    I also think it is part of a defense against P2P. Lately, with a few new releases< I pull up a lot of hits quickly, only to have 100% of them say &#39;More Sources Needed" right away.


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