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Thread: To Help Or Not To Help

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    hi everybody, i just thought i'd gather everyones opinions about questions being repeated in the forum's. as we all know lots of questions are asked which have already been asked before and some members like that, some dont mind and some dont like it. so maybe it would be nice for us all to express our views here. so i shall go first, i beleive if a question is asked we should all 'chip' in to help as best we can irrespective if the question has been asked before and telling the questioner that 'this question has been asked before is no benefit to anyone'. if you dont want to answer a question then dont reply to anything. lastly, please fully exercise your right to freedom of speech and all that

    Edit: i thought no-one would understand me, anyways, sum ppl seem 2 get vexed when a question has repeatedly been asked, eg, how do i burn a vcd? -now this gets asked all the time, and sum members get annoyed and sum... read above. so the question is if a question person asks a question that has already been asked, should we help them or not??

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    say what now?
    A good game is still good if its late, a bad game is bad forever, Shigeru Miyamoto

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    What was the question again?

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    as a newbie, if i asked a question anywhere in here that has already been asked before, i would prefer that if anyone wants to ansewr then answer and if not then leave it.

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    too many words to read :x


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