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Thread: Zone Alarm

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    how can i use zone alarm pro to block the topless ad image at


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    It's easier to edit your Hosts file to include the address from where the ad is served (right click the ad, select properties to get the address). There's heaps of info on this site about how to edit the file - do a search for Hosts, or try:

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    That image is located on, so HOSTS is out.

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    It seems to chase me around when I move the scrollbar, and not even Norton seems to block it.

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    how about those expert rules in zone alarm, can't you create any for blocking ads?

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    You could temporarily block images altogether... If it's possibel why not switch to something like FireFox from Mozilla... right click the picture > Block Images from PacketNews...

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    you're suggesting switching web browser coz of annoying image?

    still looking for help

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    that dog image disturbs me, hehe.
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