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Thread: Something Wrong With My Internet Connection

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    Was everthing closed before you ran the test ?

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    yeah everything was closed when i runned the test.

    I also run ad-aware and spybot they they got nothing

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    Mar 2003
    has it just started ?

    what connection do you have

    is your firewall router ok ?

    tried re-installing your modem /drivers/ software ?

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    lol i bet you went over your monthly download limit and have been capped at like 72 k, check with your isp and see if its so

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    i think i did went over my monthly capped, cus i downloaded like 40 gigs, but i have to call just to make sure, cus my isp said theres unlimited bandwidth use.

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    lol yep there is unlimited and then there is fair use (aup), read the fine print, not all isp,s have true unlimited


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