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Thread: Giving In Filesharing Communities

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    My name is Jorgen Skageby and I’m a PhD student at Linkoping University in Sweden. My research is about ”digital gifts” – simply put, that is people who use computers to gift stuff to eachother. File sharing is, in my mind, partly about giving. To research this further, I’ve put up a questionnaire @

    The questionnaire is hosted on servers at the Department of Computer Science at Linkoping University ( The questionnaire is quite short (7 questions), and consists of mostly open-ended questions. The data will (of course) be treated with discretion and anonymized, so that all data connecting any answers to an IP will be erased. TIA!

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    Tip: if you're concerned about the anonymity, you can use an anonymizing proxy to fill out the questionnaire (for example

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    i give you a tip , be nice to your mother

    we dont share , we dont tell ppl we share, and we dont advertise we share

    its all a big conspiracy, a plot to entrap us all isnt it , if you are a spy we will hunt you down , and share you ,

    now go away and go bug someone else who doesnt share ether lol

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    Now now, I won't have sharing talk in here, its just a local board for local ppl

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    I've only just come in and the bleeding sharing talk starts, I'm out of here


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