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Thread: Bandwidth Limited...

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    I've had no problems downloading anything, but over the last couple of days, the maximum bandwidth on anything I search for is 465 - it used to be 2000+. The change in bandwidth has resulted in much slower (longer) download times obviously. Example: Even with 50+ users for a file, it only downloads from a few users, limited to 40-ish kbps (the bandwidth is still 465) and takes a loooong time.

    I have not changed any settings on my computer or Kazaa Lite, and my cable connection speed has not changed.

    Any thoughts as to what could have happened / how to fix?

    Thank you in advance. B)

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    its just an indication of what you had last time, pay no attention to it, once you download again it will change, all is ok and nothing is wrong and that is not an idicaiton of how fast you can download now


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