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Thread: Vcd Editing

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    I am sorry if topic has already been covered.

    Anyway, I have a movie as a VCD. I want to edit that movie and break it into different parts. Then I want to convert each part into WMV or RealMedia format.

    What software can I use to achieve this.

    Thanks for ur time

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    Have a look here lots of software :
    And this may help too :

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    I can understand the desire to split the video (which you can do with TMPGEnc), but why on earth would you then want to convert the parts into two of the worst formats known to man? If you want to keep the file size down, get some good codecs (like DivX) and use Virtualdub to convert them to avi.

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    no shit
    vcdgear can make chaptors with mpeg but why the hell realmedia or wma

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    Thanks for the replies, I am sure by the time u finished reading this post u will understand why I want to convert my files to rm or wmv.

    I want to put my videos on the Internet so other people with 56 modem can view them. According to my limited understanding, converting my video to rm or wmv format is the only option.

    Am I right?

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    Right, u really need to help me in this matter.

    I had a vcd which i wanted to split into different parts.

    First of all, I converted the .dat file into .mpg using vcdgear ( I even do not need to use vcdgear to do so. I could just change the file type from .dat to mpg.)

    Then I used easy video splitter to split the movie.

    Now I have a 30MB video (3 minutes) which I want to reduce the size.

    How do I do that?

    I tried to use VirtualDubMod 1.5. There is no tutorial provided so I did not know how to use it. I went under Video menu and selected DivX Pro 5.0.5 for Compression.

    Then I did Save As and saved it as .avi

    But this INCREASES the file size instead of reducing it.

    I will be grateful if u can show me how to reduce the file size. This is only a 3 minutes video and it should be 30MB.


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    Why VirtualDubMod instead of just regular VirtualDub?

    Under the Video menu, make sure 'Full processing mode' is selected. DivX won't work if your video doesn't meet the Format Restrictions listed on the right side when you select Compression (Width must be a multiple of 4, etc.). You could try the XviD codec if you have it installed, or else Huffyuv.

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    Whenever I have to download a *.wmv or *.rm file from the internet, I feel a strong compulsion to kill the site owner. Please use avi or mpeg
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    If I use Windows Media Maker to convert my .mpg to .wmv I can reduce the size of my video dramatically (and lose quality).

    If I use Helix Producer to convert my .mpg to .rm, again I reduce the size and lose quality.

    But if I use VirtualDub to to convert .mpg to .avi (by using DivX or Xvid compression) it just shoots up the file size.

    I don't have a clue if DivX is used for reducing size or something else


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