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Thread: *naming And Shaming*

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    I don't care whether or not u want to here this but there is someone on kazza that is really p*****g me off big time , Im tryin to download a game off kazza and there is only one guy on kazaa

    Username : Flamebutt@KaZaA

    who has the game and when I connect and start d/l he always cuts me off........ the f**kin b*****d If I cud I'd murder his F***** arse.... sorry, jus needed to let off steam , it's bin annoying me all day

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    what game is this?

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    Why don't you send him a message

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    How do you even know he's cutting you off?

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    yeah and naming has no use cause, he can change it in a seccond....

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    Also with the new version of k-lite and the whole RIAA thing, you can choose to hide your files don't forget.

    "We Love You SuperJude!"- the fans

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    I have to ask. Are you sharing al_birkett ?
    Maybe he is cutting you for not sharing.
    If this is not the case then I'm sorry for saying so.

    Maybe he has many users trying to get the same file so when you can't download it may be that someone else has taken the last available upload slot.

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    yeah and naming has no use cause, he can change it in a seccond....
    I know , but it makes me feel better though !!

    and yes I am sharing


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