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Thread: Kazap Wtf Is It?

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    Yep, I've searched FAQ's and can't find any ref' to Kazap.

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    its the same sort of thing as speedup

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    It is sort of like Speed-up but gives you more options to play around with. Just check out the site and you'll find out.

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    It's like a speedup, but the other one is better at it.

    Shinigami, you missed a crazy guy posting today.

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    LOL, it's some crap about Outwar right? Recruiting people for their "gang"? Yea, at another forum, they were spamming the board and it was a war over there. Everyone at that board hated it so much, that little armies were formed to hack it lol.

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    Thats funny i just found that in the FAQ

    What is Kazap?

    Kazap is a tool that full integrates into the Kazaa Lite program.

    It's features are simular to that of Speed Up. But it also has some features to control uploads.

    It also tells you how to set the settings up and everthing.

    I think you was just being abit lazy

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    Go Chilly. I guess I should reread the FAQ lol
    so :rtfm: next time!

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    You still haven't Shinigami? By the way there are keyboard shortcuts in there.

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    I dont like to use this little bloke () but

    that annoys me


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