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Thread: Overclocking Help

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    I was giving my bro a walk-through of overclocking on the phone (he lives in hawaii). As he was putting the speed up incrementally (i think thats a word) it failed at about 20% of his normal. He has an AMD, not sure what type. But whenever he boots up his pc, he gets absolutely nothing but a black screen. I told him to reset his bios (unplug the jumpers and plug back in) he says he did it but it didnt do the trick. He got a new cpu and im trying to convince him to send me his old one, he wants to trash it. He thinks that he "fried" it. You guys got any advice?
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    Before trying to reset the bios, you should remove the power cord and try to start the machine. This removes any residual energy in the power supply. Then clear the bios (leave the jumper in the clear position for at least 10 seconds) before trying again.

    Some motherboards can be really stubborn to clear, and they certainly won't clear if you've got standby power going to the board.
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    Ill tell him next time i talk to him, hes hasnt been answering any calls. I guess he got into a car accident. I just hope he hasnt scraped the cpu. I dont think he cares too much, hes going to Afganistan within the month and sending us his pc he just made
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