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Thread: Pc Question

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    does any one know if you can use the pc as a phone. do i have to buy something or can i download it.

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    let me rephrase that can i make calls using the pc.

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    I used to use some services to make LD calls but they were crappy sounding . the technology may be better now though as it has been a couple years since i used any
    there are many sites on the net dedicated to pc to phone and pc to pc calling, you may want to try a yahoo search for pc to phone some are fre and many are pay services

    Not really sure where this ties into the K-lite discussion though
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    What does this have to do with kazaa lite again? Or filesharing in general?

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    Although not the same ... have you tried using msn messengers audio conversation feature? Works great for me, and saves a few bob on the way.

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    Check out Skype.

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    Originally posted by orcutt989@15 March 2004 - 00:55
    What does this have to do with kazaa lite again? Or filesharing in general?
    This is hardwareworld and their are other sections for p2p talking and shit

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    Its called VOIP(voice over internet protocol).

    It's relatively new and not quite been proven yet.

    Stick with instant messaging software that allows voice chatting.

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    VOIP is a fully working system which has been around for quite some time, although the quality is often not as good as normal phone use. You would certainly need broadband for the quality to be acceptable.

    To use it you have to be able to connect into a VOIP network, such as Net2Phone. Naturally, that costs money, although not as much as ordinary long distance/international calls.

    I don't know the prices, but effectively you pay something for the datastream to the nearest node to your destination, and something for the call the node makes to the destination phone. Since that last bit is likely to be the same or more that your own short distance calls, this system is only cost effective for making long distance calls.
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