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Thread: Opera 7.02

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    What do you think about new Opera 7.02 ??
    for me is the best browser because:
    1) it is fast and small
    2) it have many special tools
    3) a XXI engine

    Opera vs Netscape (and mozzilla)
    hmm netscape is having old fashion look and is not so fast like Opera
    sometimes you can have a problem with Outlook Exp and Netscape with

    Opera vs IE7
    no coment

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    Opera 7 is great, but if you want support for all HTML, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, Java and ActiveX types, get NetCaptor 6.50... it's like IE but much better. Not as fast as Opera though.

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    I use Opera 7.02 90% & IE6 10% (there is NO IE7). Opera is at least 2x as fast as IE6 IME.


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