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Thread: I Need Help With Downloading Propellerheads Reason

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    i need to know how i use the orkester soundbank with the reason program when i run the reason prog it says i need to insert the orkester soundbank cd which i dont have since the programis off kazaa but i did download the soundbank file and i need to know how i run it withthe reason program also i need to know if i need a certain type of soundcard to use reason as i dled the demo and couldnt get any sound all i can find out is that ineed a soundcard that is directxcompatible and mine is

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    Excuse me?

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    Try updating your drivers. That's one.
    Two. I have no idea of what you're talking about, hawever i guess that you have to load this soundbank with this program of yours, so additional options become available.
    Three. Check your settings for sound, some of them might be in mute status because not often used or you have to have additional connections for your sound card (cables for other sockets you have in the back of your card).
    Check a forum devoted for this program.
    All based on guessing


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