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Thread: Dolby Surround 5.1

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    I have a DVD player and want to have Dolby Surround Sound 5.1

    On the back of my DVD player there are 12 outputs (video out,s-video out and a bunch of other outputs) and one scart connector.
    What else do I need except 5+1 boxes ? Do I need an amplifier or can I just plug in the boxes to the outputs on the back of my DVD ??


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    if you only have the speakers you need the amp.

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    Actually my DVD player has the 5.1 built into in, but I guess that's considered more of a home theatre system than a DVD player. Anyways, if your DVD player came with those types of speakers it probabily will have oulets for all those types of speakers.

    If it's an older DVD player make sure that the amp you buy has the same type of digital out. (Some older players only have the coaxial digital connection)


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