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Thread: Can't Find Sources!

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    I noticed that when downloading a file it kept connecting to users but couldn't download of them. I checked dat view and I had 150 names stored and Kazaa was going through this list and it occured to me that these ip# could have expired due to the isp rotating them or they are no longer connected to the particular supernode. I used they icon of the eye in dat view and deleted most of the sources after making a backup of the original dat file and then started kazaa and searched for the file. This gave me lots of up to date sources to download from and speed up my download.

    Hope this helps

    Also found that if you type in the ip# of a source that was fast before in kazupernodes it can give you there new supernode just connect to them and this may get you back to that fast source, although this is not guarented but worth a try for rare files

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    could be slots are all full...

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    This could help you abit. jetje did you realize that this is in the tips?

    Originally posted by Tip By: Shinigami (Modified By Me

    Tip on Kazaa Lite Speed and PL:
    PL has nothing to do with speeds but priority on downloads (only on normal kazaa 2.0.2 users, any lower versions of kazaa will show a PL of 0 to them. So it's a first come, first serve at that point.)
    You can only download as fast as someone else can upload.
    You can only download if the other user has an open upload slot.
    Make sure you setted up you're firewall to allow access for Kazaa Lite [K++]
    Get rid of Ad-ware/Spyware and the like. (Programs that can do that are Adaware and Spybot)
    Make sure your system is optimized for your connection (use a program like Dr. TCP or CableNut)
    If your downloading rare files, of course its going to be slow!
    More sources usually = better speed
    Use tools that came with K++, such as AutoSearchMore, Speeedup, Kazap to find more sources.
    Try to control AutoSearchMore and let it rest awhile to avoid disconnection from KL.
    You see yourself as K-Lite Master and other K++ users do to, only 2.02 kazaa users see you as Supreme Being. This does not affect anything in anyway. You can also customize it with tools such as resource hacker.
    Speeds vary on what you download sometimes...
    GOOD LUCK! :-)
    Also try, or and test your speed there. If it matches your advertised speeds (what your ISP told you it was) then its not your fault. Also, try programs like Dr. TCP, CableNut or TCP/IP Optimizer...all found on either site.

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    You said it all...

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    I have a whole bunch of tips now, and it will keep building.

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    I gotta catch up on tips. o

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    maybe jetie my slots are full but I only have a slow connection so this happens quickly to me as I only like to DL screeners @ 1.4Gb per movie with ISDN connection as in Ireland this is the fastest we have except for satellite connections but I can not afford 250 per month after the set-up fee. God I wish I was a millionare.

    Maybe we will catch up soon but in the mean time I have to value every kbs I get. God bless all you UK and USA users with DSL and cable think of the rest of us who you label as leechers cos I don't share files when I am uploading to my FTP site etc cos my bandwidth is sweet F*#k all. I give what I can never mind off-topic


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