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Thread: How To Repair A Corrupted Avi File?

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    Hi guys, recently i downloaded the japanese version of The Ring, the file is

    FILE NAME: Ring (aka Ringu) (jap horror) (divx) (full).avi
    SIZE: 713.394 Mb

    I found some 30 people holding this file and its integrety is EXCELLENT

    but after spending hours of downloading time, the downloaded file seem to be corrupted, here is the message showing on my windows media player: Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file is either corrupt or the Player does not support the format you are trying to play.

    So i assume this is probably not a fake movie, it's just a corrupted file, is there any tools i may use to fix it?

    thanks for the help~

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    Im having the same problem.

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    I downloaded it 3 times with about 2 months between each download, and it was corrupted everytime....but i managed to watch it in virtualdub, even if it was lagging a little sometimes...

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    You can repair it in virtualdub. Use the "scan for bad frames" option, and delete the bad frames.
    You'd need a VD version higher than 1.4
    Check their site to find the appropriate version for your system:

    Virtual Dub

    Another tool which is supposed to be good (haven't tried it myself yet) is AVI Fixed.
    You can find it here:

    AVI Fixed

    Hope this helps

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    open it with virtualdub, check the extended options while opening the file, and have virtualdub re-derive the keyframes. this will take a few minutes. once it's opened with virtualdub, choose "direct stream copy" in both audio and video so that it will not attempt to re-encode the movie. then save it as a new file (save as AVI). i believe this should fix the file.

    it's not really the content of the movie that's corrupted, but the index information which tells the player what format it's in. the new file will be playable with standard movie player programs.


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